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Dr.Ch.Vasanth Kumar, MBBS,  M.D. - President
is an eminent physician in the city of pearls, Hyderabad, AP, India, who has specialized in treating diabetes. His observations, during his practice over last two decades has convinced him that a total lack of awareness of healthy eating habits, and hereditary factors have contributed to the alarming rise in diabetic patients globally. He firmly believes that  these figures can be greatly reduced with more awareness, early intervention leading to prevention and better management of the disease. He was deeply concerned about the debilitating effects this disease had on young children.

DAYS was founded by him in Year 1999, with the aim of reaching out to every underprivileged  child who  is diabetic and do not know how to manage it.

Dr. Sree Mukesh, M.D.
Physician, Vivekananda Hospital.

Dr. Mukesh has been volunteering and managing type 1 children from the inception of the society.  



Mrs.Aruna - Diabetes educator
she is a trained Diabetes educator and a volunteer of DAY Society who looks after the free clinic.



Dr.Deepthi , Dentist
Volunteer , does free dental checkups at DAYS clinic.



Miss. Smitha Abraham - Diabetes Nurse educator
provided excellent support to DAYS, both as a nurse and as secretary of DAYS. At present she is working in UK.



Vasu - Diabetes educator
works selflessly for DAYS.



Mrs.Nirmala - Vice President
Providing all the supporting care to the children and organizes recreational programmes for DAYS.



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Dr.Ch.Vasanth Kumar, M.D.


Dr. Sree Mukesh, M.D.




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Miss.Smitha Abraham.



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