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Aged 16 years , has been diabetic since 14 years old. Her father died of heart attack in year 2000. Her 37 year old mother is a sweeper in a private office. She earns about Rs. 1000/- per month. Sushma has two brothers aged 14 and 17 years.

Ch.Sai Jyothi
Aged 13 years studying 7th class. She has been a diabetic since November 2002 and was on bovine insulin irregularly since then. Her father is working in a private company as office boy and getting Rs. 1500/- per month. Mother is a teacher in nursery and earns Rs.800/- per month .  Sai Jyothy has a sister  who is 10 years and studying in 4th class.

Riswana Begum
Riswana  is  16 years .  She  passed 10th class and working as teacher in a nursery. She is having  type 1 diabetes  since year 2000 when she was 12 years  and taking Bovine insulin since then. Her father is selling Bananas and earns around    RS 400/- per month.  Mother is a labourer and earns 500/- per month.  Riswana has no siblings.


Nissiunnice is 10 yrs, staying at Chinthal, hyderabad. She is mentally retarded and having impaired vision due to optic nerve damage. She has been suffering from Diabetes from 2001 and using mixtard insulin since then. Her father is also a diabetic and working in a private institution. Her mother is a housewife. She has a 7-year-old brother.

Many more children like these are being treated at DAYS...

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